As a legal IT consultant, I had the opportunity to work with three law firms in 2016 helping reduce IT frustrations. Not being tied to any one company makes my evaluations and recommendations based on what is best for my client firms.

Hired an IT Consultant

An experienced IT consultant can:

  • Evaluate your needs with an unbiased view
  • Search out and compare technology solutions
  • Implement the solutions

Evaluating Current Legal Software

Often technology changes begin when attorneys spend too much billable time frustrated with technology. Either the software, internal system or lack of training are causing this time suck and frustration.  Sometimes the politics of the firm come into play when problems arise.

Because I have spent over 30 years in the legal community working in law firms, I understand law firms and the flow of work product. This allows me to review software and processes to determine ways to improve productivity.

My process starts with speaking to staff and attorneys discussing current software and daily tasks.   I then sit down at my client’s system and learn how they create documents and train new hires. Once I understand what common tasks are performed and how, I can evaluate the current software and how it is being used to recommend improvements.

Software Solutions

Searching out the right legal software for your firm is time consuming and often bewildering. Many times, there is a window of opportunity for change and decisions are made in a hurry without taking the time to complete due diligence on software or hardware. Therefore, you can end up with software based on the skill of a salesperson or the relationship a firm member has with the software or hardware company.

I prescreen software and IT companies based on my personal experience with them, viewing demos and consulting with my fellow law firm managers. Because I do this on a regular basis, my questions for vendors are in-depth and specific.  I create a standard list of questions.  I have companies show me exactly how my client would do tasks on their system.  We will also discuss the support for their product in great detail. Once this is completed, I create a chart outlining the differences, pros and cons.

Firms only need to spend two or three hours watching demos of the final products recommended and interviewing the companies.

My evaluation is unbiased. I’m not pushing any one software over another or company over another. My goal is to assist law firms in procuring the best legal software product for their practice.

Implementing Solutions

The process doesn’t end with a report and a recommendation. It ends when the changes are complete. Helping implement change and training is extremely important and something I have many years of experience in. A strategy is outlined for my clients and consistent updates are delivered.

Spending your billable or personal time on IT evaluation and implementation is not beneficial for you or your firm. Technology changes are happening too rapidly to easily keep up with and practice law at the same time.

Hiring an IT consultant can save you and your firm hours and dollars.  If you would like to talk about how I can be of service to your firm, please let me know.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2017!

Diane Camacho //

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