Law Firm Management Consulting

We provide knowledge, services and processes to help small law firms organize and manage their businesses.

Whether you’re an established law firm or just starting out, building and maintaining a law practice is a lot of work. For most attorneys it’s overwhelming and frustrating – you didn’t go to law school to research software selections, create office policies, compare insurance policies, design job descriptions, or any number of other administrative tasks.

Diane's extensive experience in the trenches as a legal secretary and an office manager shines through in her presentations.

Voneciel Gaines,    CCLS -    Alameda County Legal Secretaries Association   

Unlike other programs that give very general information, Diane was specific and detailed and provided real life ways to deal with varying personalities and situations. Plus she's a lot of fun!

Dee Sannazzaro Gray,    Administrator -    Vasquez, Beniske & Lindgren, LLP   

Diane has an innate ability to assess critical operational challenges and then systematically address them in an effective and productive manner.

Teresa Cunningham,    Partner -    Gaw Van Male, LLP   

Diane’s professionalism, efficiency, delivery, customer service and follow-up is excellent and I truly appreciate all the support she has provided my staff and I.

Garth A. Maijala,    Coordinator of Industrial Hygiene & Online Services -    SIPE   

Do you feel like there’s a better way to do things, but just don’t have time to figure it out?

Do you want to delegate to an experienced manager?

Hiring someone to help with these tasks can reduce the burden of managing your law practice. At DLC Consulting Services, we specialize in helping solo and small law firms increase their billable hours, boost profits and improve their work/life balance.

Three ways we will help your law practice succeed:

Handling high level administrative functions

Developing systems and procedures for your practice

Providing information and advice on best practices

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With over 20 years of legal management experience and 30 years in the industry, we’ve worked with dozens of attorneys to build and maintain successful, efficient practices.

Contact us for a free one-hour consultation to discover how your law practice can run more efficiently and profitably.

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