Guide to Advanced Hiring Techniques: A Law Office Manager Special Report

with Diane L. Camacho, CLM
of DLC Consulting Services, LLC

Guide to Advanced Law Firm Hiring Techniques cover

Law firm hiring can be a challenge, especially when not handled effectively.

A bad law firm hire is estimated to cost up to several thousand dollars, depending on the employee’s position, the amount of time spent training them, and the recruiting services used. Additionally a bad hire costs your law firm more than time, money, and effort. The bad hire could cost you a valuable client through a disastrous interaction. One of your star employees may resent picking up the slack, correcting mistakes, or otherwise accommodating a poor performer. Once you do rid your law firm of the wrong hire, you may have costs associated with the termination, not to mention having to face the whole hiring process all over again

So when someone comes running into your office, saying I need a new assistant right away; anyone will do, don’t take them at their word. Don’t settle for “just another warm body” simply because finding the right person for the job opening takes too much time, effort, and expense. You don’t just want a body in the seat; you want the right body. In this report, we outline the steps you need to follow to ensure your law office hiring process is most efficient.

Important ways this guide will improve your law firm hiring process:

Assessing Your Law Firm's Hiring Needs


Ideal Job Description & Announcement


Interview Preparation & Pre-Employment Inquiries

Includes 6 Law Office Hiring Model Tools:

Job Description Template

Interview Evaluation Form Sample

Offer Letter Sample

Employee Referral Form Sample

Reference Check Form Sample

Candidate Rejection Letter Sample

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