Searching for documents can be a drain on your day and be extremely frustrating.   Whether you think you have a legal document management system or not, you do.  However you save and retrieve information for your practice is your system.  Something doesn’t have to be planned and organized to be a system.  After working in and with many firms since the 1980’s, the frustrations have evolved a bit. . .

Come out, come out, wherever you are . . .

Documents can’t be found quickly or easily. If policies, practices and systems are too complex they won’t be used. We need to put our hands on information immediately. With the continued push for more billable hours, wasted time looking for information is money left on the table. It adds hours to work weeks that can’t be accounted for and can’t be billed.  If Google can gather and spit back information from around the world in seconds, why can’t a law firm?

Click here, click there, click everywhere . . .

Often document management systems are designed by people who do not use them for their livelihood. Engineers design and customize systems without really understanding the practice of law. Instead of designing a system and then piloting it and telling users, “you can’t do that,” designers should sit with users and see how they work. Once they understand this, design or customize the system to fit the work style of the attorneys and staff. Every extra click is a time suck. It may seem like only seconds, but when you bill by the hour, seconds add up to minutes and hours.

Off the beaten track . . .

Attorneys can’t use the system outside the office. More and more of us are mobile, but traditional DM systems require being attached to the office network. Attorneys are not going to stop updating their technology and they are not going to stop saving documents to private devices unless there is an easy, dependable alternative.

Document management has been an issue as far back as I can remember.   The most frustrating aspects of working in a law firm is not being able to find documents when you need them. From file rooms with stacks of unfiled paper to computer systems with individual users saving documents on personal hard drives, the frustration continues.

Stop the madness.  You may say you don’t have time to take the time to do anything about this.  You may think you don’t have the money.  You really don’t have the time or money to waist. Now even solos can have software that even’s the playing field with the large firms.

I have been working with NetDocuments for over two years for my personal business and with law firms from 1 attorneys to 30.  This software is truly cloud based, cost efficient for small firms and scalable.  If you haven’t had a demo of NetDocuments in the past, now is the time.  It is cutting edge and worth every penny of the money.    Email me to set up a call to discuss how NetDocuments can help you track your important information anywhere you have an internet connection.


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