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“There are few specialists who have dedicated themselves to NetDocs and Diane is one of them. We’ve appreciated her expertise.”

Richard McDerby, Osborn McDerby LLP 

NetDoucments – Document Management System Support

Our personal service for even the smallest firms is what makes us different.   At DLC Consulting Services, we work closely with firms to understand their practice, how they handle document and email storage currently and what the goals are for making a change.  Once we have this information we then customize NetDocuments to work with the way our clients operate.  Firms have an opportunity to use NetDocuments with a client or two before making the final design decisions.  Then DLC Consulting imports documents, installs NetDocuments, trains all employees and leaves our clients with the documentation needed to manage NetDocuments.  DLC Consulting provides NetDocuments support long after your implementation is complete.  Your firm will get updates on software changes so you are utilizing NetDocuments fully going forward.

We believe the best way to train attorneys on a new software platform is to work with the attorney personally in their own office.  This allows us to work with the attorney on the actual tasks he or she performs daily and customize NetDocuments for their practice.  These training sessions can take between 15 and 30 minutes.  Attorneys that would like to have more in-depth training attend the staff training.

As a small firm or solo practitioner, when you are looking for NetDocuments support you may find that response times are slow and service is spotty.   DLC Consulting is always responsive and understands that you need support immediately no matter what size firm you are working in.

The 3 Most Frustrating Aspects of Document Management in Law Firms

Come out, come out, wherever you are . . .

Documents can’t be found quickly or easily. If policies, practices and systems are too complex they won’t be used. We need to put our hands on information immediately. With the continued push for more billable hours, wasted time looking for information is money left on the table. It adds hours to work weeks that can’t be accounted for and can’t be billed.  If Google can gather and spit back information from around the world in seconds, why can’t a law firm?

Click here, click there, click everywhere . . .

Often document management systems are designed by people who do not use them for their livelihood. Engineers design and customize systems without really understanding the practice of law. Instead of designing a system and then piloting it and telling users, “you can’t do that,” designers should sit with users and see how they work. Once they understand this, design or customize the system to fit the work style of the attorneys and staff. Every extra click is a time suck. It may seem like only seconds, but when you bill by the hour, seconds add up to minutes and hours.

Off the beaten track . . .

Attorneys can’t use the system outside the office. More and more of us are mobile, but traditional DM systems require being attached to the office network. Attorneys are not going to stop updating their technology and they are not going to stop saving documents to private devices unless there is an easy, dependable alternative.

I have spent nearly 30 years in law firms and more than 15 of those years have been in management. I have managed firms as small as 12 attorneys and branch offices as large as 70 attorneys. Currently, I am a consultant for small law firms and have been in three law firms over the past 15 months.

Document management has been an issue as far back as I can remember.   The most frustrating aspects of working in a law firm is not being able to find documents when you need them. From file rooms with stacks of unfiled paper to computer systems with individual users saving documents on personal hard drives, the frustration is the same.

As a NetDocuments Certified Partner, I can help small law firms alleviate these problems. NetDocuments is a scalable, cloud based alternative with excellent security.   We can work together to customize the program to work the way you do. Contact me at or 925-676-6277.  Take a look at my website in development for NetDocuments help – 

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