Legal Management Services for Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms

At DLC Consulting Services we offer a variety of legal management services for solo practitioners and small law firms in Northern California.  Our services are customized to individual law firm needs.  As your law firm management consultant, solutions are designed to address everything froblocksm stepping in to help through a firm transition or key management hole to hiring your first employee or moving your offices.

We can help you get organized and coordinate your administrative functions so you spend less time doing the things you don’t like to do and more time practicing law.

When you get to a point that you know you need help, but aren’t quite sure what help makes the most sense, we can help you evaluate your procedures and systems.  This puts the framework in place to decide what type and amount of help you need.  Then we can help you find the right help and train him or her to support you effectively.

DLC Consulting Services can help you get out from under the burden and stress of business operations in a logical and practical manner.

Some examples of the services are:

Short-term Business Manager
  • Work with partners to handle firm management, assess needs and hire permanent management professional
  • Cover for management professional during long-term leave
  • Business management assessment for solo and small law firms
Legal Technology
  • Evaluate technology needs and make recommendations
  • Manage system upgrades
  • Electronic document management and practice management implementation and training
Human Resources
  • Hiring of staff
  • Assist with benefit analysis and purchasing insurances
  • Analyze training needs and deliver or recommend appropriate training
  • Employee policies and/or handbook ceration
  • Development of marketing material
  • Event planning for clients and prospective clients
  • Assist with on-line marketing planning and implementation
  • Budget creation
  • Develop and implement accounting procedures and processes
  • Evaluate overhead costs and compare optionslaw firm
  • Create financial reports to evaluate performance
  • Office equipment evaluation and procurement
  • Insurance renewals
  • Manage construction and moves

No matter what your needs, we can plan and implement a strategy that will meet those needs and your budget while improving your bottom line.





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