3a. Law Management Survival Kits

DLC Consulting Services, LLC

is Proud to Affiliate with

3a. law management

to bring you

3a. toolkits

lawyer’s survival kits

to start or grow your firm the right way. don’t recreate the wheel. take heart in our cliff notes version of a startup guide. use our team to personalize it and work through it with you.

operations survival kits

to streamlined processes and systems to let you focus on being a lawyer first and foremost. we streamline your workflows, clean up your procedures, and help you keep talented people.

marketing survival kits

to analyze your marketing procedures and advise what processes to put in place so your firm doesn’t miss an opportunity. we create client relationship management and referral source ROI analytics to ensure you are efficient with your time and money.

technology survival kits

to learn how to use technology to erase duplicative efforts and ensure a consistent client experience. we will review your current systems and make recommendations to help with implementation specific for your firm.

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